Word?!?! Enormous First Appearance

Enormous #1 came out this week (sorry for earlier error) – and is selling for $15 – $20 depending on the cover.


Enormous was published as a one-shot by image, which was previewed in one book, making it the first appearance of the title – and as the newest trend right now is the first appearance of a book as a four page preview – this book is a no brainer. However, it has a very low print run as it was a none-selling title.

Mondo #3 – First appearance of Enormous


(Yes Mondo #1 is the first appearance of Peter Panzerfaust – Yes its over-sized comic that your local comic book store couldn’t sell. Mondo.)

UPDATE: Diamond lists the Mondo #3 release date as coming after the Enormous oneshot. Which is weird. I would still expect to see movement on this book, but it probably isn’t a true first appearance, just a preview.
ALSO: Figment #2 has been selling for $10 – $15 online. Which is stupid for a number of reasons. It also has some peak sales of $25. Oh and there is a half dog half dragon on the cover. See,



Happy Speculating

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