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Remember in February when I told you to order Southern Bastards #1? Well now, four days after its release, its sell for $10. I’m glad I ordered ten copies. I plan on holding on to them and looking for more copies to buy.
Letter 44 #1 is also picking up again (It was also optioned for a tv-series by SyFy, again.) selling for $7 – $10 dollars – a considerable increase in value when you look at the $1.00 cover price.
Also Remember Pax Romana #1. Just like Southern Bastards and Letter 44 – Look for it when you’re doing your Free Comic Book Day thing.

Heres a reminder of my FCBD Picks:

Power Rangers #1 – Good for signature series
Hip Hop Family Tree
GI Joe / Transformers 2014 – The artwork is totally different in this, they’re going a new way, it looks great. Should definitely pick it up just for the read if anything else.

Also: Don’t order any of the new 3-D Covers. 3-D Covers are so passe.


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