Week of March 6

“roar noise”



Aside from this stupid Transformers #4 1986 being a good pick up – theres been a lot of new and different things happening at DC. 
The last few weeks DC Started rolling out these “steampunk” variants. Whats “Steampunk” you ask? I don’t know. but I do know that a week ago this was the book to sell and now its dropped in price quite a bit, 
ImageThis, the Harley Quinn 1:25 Steampunk variant peaked around $80 and now its selling for as low as $30.  Which demonstrates how fast you have to sell variants because 90% (or more) of the time variants do not retain value. Right now the only book seeming to be a good steampunk month variant is this J. G. Jones Wonder Woman Cover, being a good $50 plus seller. A good pick up when many stores sell there variants at tier value. – for example 1:25 = $30 or less

A common trend I’ve seen with DC variants is the sexyier / more female oriented the cover art the more likely its going to be popular. Which is why Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman are two great examples of books to look for variants for. This is also a common theme with Marvel titles but its not as common. A great example is the J. Scott Campbell Spider-man covers, notice covers with only Spider-Man or just male characters do not demand a premium. 



This month Harley Quinn (issue #4)  has a Robot Chicken Variant, as do many other DC titles, there has been one sale of $40 on ebay. Will this be the next big thing? 
Probably not, but its probably going to be a easy burn and turn that hold its value for at least a week. 


Happy Scalping 

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