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Week in review: January 30

This week there are a few books you should be thinking about. This week sees the release of WWE Forever #1. This book has two regular covers and a special Boom Studios unlocked ratio variant. If retailers ordered 15 or more copies they would unlock a special one-per store virgin variant cover. While this book currently does not have any

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WORD?!?! WWE Superstars UPDATE

Averaging $15, the CM Punk WWE Superstars #1 Cover is a sure winner. However, it was brought to my attention that this series was premiered in a very low printed preview book that was largely distributed to non-comic fans. WWE #0 – an eight page Preview – offered through WWE.com and Hot Topic’s online store as order perks copies of

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Mad Money: The WWE and CM Punk

The following tip comes from Floyd Fenris, This week the WWE told Papercutz to edit CM Punk out of all reprinted WWE Superstar Material. Already the WWE Superstars #1, a book with four covers, has been selling from $10 to $25. CM Punk has publically quit the WWE over internal issues and recently announced he will be writing an upcoming

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