WORD?!?! WWE Superstars UPDATE


Averaging $15, the CM Punk WWE Superstars #1 Cover is a sure winner.
However, it was brought to my attention that this series was premiered in a very low printed preview book that was largely distributed to non-comic fans.

BjQqeEtCAAAQUAWWWE #0 – an eight page Preview – offered through WWE.com and Hot Topic’s online store as order perks copies of this book are almost non-existent. However, it appears that at SDCC 2014 the publisher, Papercutz gave the remaining copies away, so some of these could be in comic book stores, of if you know anyone that went to SDCC…

BmKfKZeIMAIPelAThis book features an all C.M. Punk story and based on the recent pulping of all C.M. Punk WWE stories, this book is not to be reprinted any time soon.

Right now there is one listing on ebay and its a $60 buy it now. This book is impossible to find, so that very well could be the going rate of this book.

What to look forward to in the next few days:
2015 Movie / Television / Media speculation run down PART 3
Wytches #4 Eh! Variant Final Art Reveal

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