Mad Money: The WWE and CM Punk

Mad_Money The following tip comes from Floyd Fenris,

This week the WWE told Papercutz to edit CM Punk out of all reprinted WWE Superstar Material. Already the WWE Superstars #1, a book with four covers, has been selling from $10 to $25. CM Punk has publically quit the WWE over internal issues and recently announced he will be writing an upcoming Marvel title.
The print run on WWE Superstars #1 comes in just under 8,000 copies printed. This book is on the rise, with the emphasis on the C.M Punk Variant cover.


Other Notes:
Apparently Bee and the Pussycat #7, which came out December 24 2014, was recalled by Boom. I don’t have any information on this. Will update as more news comes through.

Ghost in a Shell is being developed into a film with Scarlett Johansson Playing the lead. Heres what Marco Rudy, current artist on Captain America: Winter Soldier thinks.
Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 12.23.32 AMHard to argue with.
Ghost in the Shell #1 Wizard Supplement from Dark Horse is the book to look for – as its the first publication of this series in English. The regular Ghost in the Shell #1 is also a book to look for.


A big shout out thank you goes to Floyd Fenris for the WWE Tip.
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