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Week in Review: February 20

There are two cover B variants to be looking for this week. Venom #11 features a Dave Gibbons Watchmen #1 Cover B homage variant that has been selling in presale for a few dollars above cover. Avengers #15 has a Captain Marvel cover B by Gerald Parel that has been selling for $10 to $15 online. There are two ratio

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Weekend Update with Nico

The following article has been written by Comic Book Speculation Dot Com writer, Nico. The week in comics started off with a bang after a teaser trailer for the Birds of Prey film was released online.  Sales of Batman Adventures #12 are solid and have been closing in on the $1,800.00 mark for copies in CGC 9.8 condition in live

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Week in Review: January 2

I think this is our third slow week in a row but here are some books to be thinking about. This week is very heavy on second print speculation. This week sees the release of the Middlewest #1 Second Printing. This is the Skottie Young written series that came out last month, the second printing features the only cover by

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Week in Review: November 28

There is really one book to be looking for this week and following the most recent indie comic trend this book is published by Antarctic Press. Stars End #1 has sold out at the distributor and has multiple sales above $20. There is also a 1:10 variant cover that seems to be performing well online. This seems to be the

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Magazine Speculation Part 5: Foom Magazine

This article is an excerpt from the Comic Book Scalping video series, “This week in Speculation.” This article originally appeared in episode 8. This video and more can be found on our youtube channel. A few weeks ago I highlighted Marvelmania magazine but this week I want to focus on Magazine that replaced Marvelmania when it was inevitably cancelled. It

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Week in Review: November 21

This week sees the release of two ratio variants that are performing very well on the secondary market, and since the last few weeks have been dominated with high ratio variant speculation here are two to be looking for. This week sees the release of the New Skottie Young series Middlewest #1. This book has three covers, a regular cover

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