Week in Review: January 2

I think this is our third slow week in a row but here are some books to be thinking about. This week is very heavy on second print speculation.

This week sees the release of the Middlewest #1 Second Printing. This is the Skottie Young written series that came out last month, the second printing features the only cover by Skottie Young that isn’t a ratio variant. The 1:20 Variant cover for the first print still sells on average for $80. While the second print hasn’t been moving above cover it has been seeing a lot of interest online.


This week also sees the release of three second print variants for recent Daredevil issues, 609, 610 and 611. Daredevil #610 Features the first appearance of a new character named Vigil. The second printing for Daredevil #610 features the first cover appearance of this new character.


One last thing to think about, in this cover driven comic market one book that comes out this week that I think has some great long term hold potential is the Joshua Middleton Batgirl #30 Variant cover.

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