SDCC Exclusive Comics Watch – Part 1


Sleepy Jawn from the Comicbookwars podcast sent me this list of San Diego Comic Convention exclusives and we decided it would be a great article. So without furhter ado, here are the SDCC exclusive comics that are on Sleepy Jawns watch list. This is just the first part of his list that focuses on independent comic publishers.


  •  Impact Theory – Booth #1831

Steve Aoki’s comic Neon Future #5 will have a color variant limited to 100 and a black and white limited to 25. There have been a WonderCon variant for #2 and a C2E2 variant for #1 that were both limited to 100. A few sell here and there. If I had a chance I would get a couple sets…probably.

                                     Neon Future #5 SDCC 1Neon Future #5 SDCC 2


  • IDW – Booth #2729

Word is at other conventions, IDW has not limited purchases. So along with the pre-sales to attendees these could go quick. They have a lot of convention exclusives from their lines like Ghostbusters 35th anniversary 4-pack, G.I. Joe #264 4-pack with a hefty price of $25 each, Transformers, etc… These are very hit or miss in my opinion.

The big winner from them right now looks like the Ectotron toy. The Ecto-25 and Optimus Prime mashup. It’s actually sold in a box that has straps so you can wear it like a backpack instead of having to lug it around. Pretty cool. Retail is $150 and it’s pre-selling for about $260.

The Ecto-25 and Optimus Prime mashup 1The Ecto-25 and Optimus Prime mashup 2

Canto #1, $10 retail pre-selling for $30 currently. Hot book right now, but plenty online and how long will it last?

Canto #1 sdcc

Locke & Key: Nailed It! Variant, $5 for the trade and $10 for the virgin retail. This has a 10 page original story in it but I’m not sure if there is enough hype around Locke & Key besides issue #1 of the original series to move the needle on this.

Locke and Key #1 SDCC 1Locke and Key #1 SDCC 2

Thats it for now! Check back soon for a SDCC exclusives part 2 article!
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