Week in Review: January 16

These last two weeks have been pretty heavy for speculation.

This week sees the release of Jamie Tyndall’s White Widow series with the first issue hitting stores. This book has two regular covers one of them being a foil variant cover. While the cover A is selling for double cover the red foil variant is selling for $10 to $15. Both of these covers were made available to retailers at the same price.


White Widow was originally a kickstarter funded comic book and there are several store variants for this series. The first published appearance of this new character and the series was a New York Comic Con preview book that was also made available to people that participated in the original kickstarter. The preview book has seven covers and if this character and title continue to take off will be interesting to see what happens to this book.

white widow
This week sees two DC Cover B variants selling well online. The cover B for Wonder Woman #62 has been steadily selling above its $3.99 cover price and the Cover B for this weeks Catwoman, Catwoman #7, featuring a cover by Ben Oliver and has been selling online for $10 to $13.


Another book to be thinking about is Knights of the Golden Sun #3. While this book has no reportable sales, this title heated up out of no where the past few weeks. Knights of the Golden Sun #1, published by Mad Cave Comics, has been selling for $50 to $70 while the second issue has been selling for $13 to $16.  It is very possible that the third issue will follow this same trend. There was also a one per store retailer “Sneak Preview” variant of the first issue has a few online sales averaging around $60.


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