Week in Review: January 9

This week sees the release of the much anticipated new Captain Marvel #1. This is the third series published by Marvel based around Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel. There are a few ratio variants that seem to be selling at ratio – the ones that seem to be getting the most interest are the 1:25 Adam Hughes Variant and the 1:50 Alex Ross variant. One thing to keep in mind is that there are several store variants for this new series so there will be a lot of copies of these variants floating around.

This week sees the release of two very noteworthy DC Cover B variants. Harley Quinn #57 features a cover B by Julian Totino, this cover has sold out at the distribution level and has an average online sale price of $15 to $20. The Frank Miller cover B variant for Batman #62 has also been trending above cover.

Another book that comes out this week that has been performing well is the third issue of Rags. This book has two covers, the regular “Cover A” has been selling for double cover while the “cover B” variant has been selling online for $10 to $15.

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