Dead Rabbit Recall

A lot of buzz has been flying around Images Dead Rabbit today. Diamond account holders received an e-mail this morning indicating the Image series Dead Rabbit was being recalled under what Diamond called a Mandatory recall. Diamond and Image have requested that both issues of Dead Rabbit be sent back to them which has created a bubble market around this title.




Bleedingcool wrote an article in May before Dead Rabbit #1 was released indicating that a bar in NYC owned the trademark for the use of the Dead Rabbit branding and it seems like they are the ones who had the book pulled from shelves. How does a comic book using the same name infringe on the trademark of some hipster bar in New York City?

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.57.40 PM
The NYC Dead Rabbit, best described as a cocktail bar, is more than just a place to get drinks. There menu is also a comic book – The 13 page menu is sold here and can be found digitally here – These links go to the FOUR version of there menu comic book. The bar has plans to release a collection of there comic book menus as a graphic novel and they have another book, a recipe book, slated to be released later this year with similar comic book elements.

Sets of both issues of Dead Rabbit #1 and Dead Rabbit #2 have been selling for $20 to $30. There is also a 1:10 variant cover for the first issue and a NYCC variant – these are also performing very well online. There is also an ashcan preview for Dead Rabbit that was sent to stores before the release of the first issue.  I don’t think these prices will hold but this book has great quick flip potential.




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