Week In Review: November 7

There is only one new book this week that I want to talk about it. This week sees the release of the second issue of the Antarctic Press title, Rags. Over the last few days in presale, Rags #2 has been selling for $15 to $45.


I would like to make a correction to my Kate Bishop post. It states that the first appearance of Kate Bishop as Hawkeye is Young Avengers Presents 6. This is not the first appearance of Kate Bishop as Hawkeye – she first appears as this character in Young Avengers #12 – which was published two years before the Young Avengers presents issue.


Another Young Avenger issue that has been receiving a lot of attention is Young Avengers #6. The character Cassandra Lang has already been confirmed to be appearing in Avengers 4 – and if Kate Bishop is appearing in the movie – marvel is most likely going to introduce other Young Avengers. In Young Avengers #6 – Cassandra Lang first becomes Stature. While she has put on several different costumes this is the one the comic market is currently moving on.

Today news broke that Chris Meledandri – founder of Illumination film studios – is making a Super Mario Brothers movie slated to be released in 2022. Illumination is responsible for the Despicable Me film franchise and the new Grinch film. While there are some really cool Nintendo comic books published by Valiant – including the 1990 16 page Nintendo Comics System Sneak Preview – Mario first appeared in a comic book published by Marvel. Before Mario had his own game he appeared as the hero in the arcade game Donkey Kong. In 1983 Marvel started publishing “Blip, The Video Game Magazine”. The first issue includes a Donkey Kong comic story – this is the first comic appearance of Mario.


Why does Matthew Laborteaux have a band-aid on his left hand?


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