Week In Review: October 24: Middleton, Judge Dredd and More

There are a few spec worthy books coming out this week, here are a few of them.

This week DC releases two Cover B variants that you should be looking for. This week’s Batgirl #28 Joshua Middleton cover has been selling for $10 to $15 in presale on ebay and the Cover B for Wonder Woman #57 featuring artwork by Jenny Frison and has been selling for $10 to $15.


Judge Dredd Toxic #1
is a new comic series from IDW. This book has four covers, two regular covers and two ratio variant covers. The regular Cover B has been seeing a lot of interest online. This John Gallagher cover has sold out at most online retailers. This is a book to be thinking about.

Its also worth noting that at the end of last month 2000 AD released a new Judge Dredd Comic, DREDD: Final Judgement– a two part series. The first issue had an unconfirmed Jock Cover where the issue was solicited with a different cover than what was published. This book was selling better a few weeks ago but is currently selling for $10 to $15.


Another book that has been selling well in presale is the new Aftershock comics title, Dead Kings #1. This book has two covers – both of which have been selling for double to triple cover online.



One last book that is released to stores this week is the second print of The Rejected #1 from Source Point Comics. Source Point sold copies of this book on there website and at conventions like the Baltimore Comic Con- so copies were already released just not through comic book stores. Copies have been selling for around $40 online.



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