Week In Review October 17

This week there are two news releases you should be looking for.

This week sees the release of the Scout Comics title, The Source. The first issue is sold out at the retailer level and has been selling for $10+ online. This book has a 1 in 20 Glow in the Dark variant cover as well as a first appearance Ashcan – both the 1:20 Variant and the Ashcan variant are still available on the Scout Comics website for well under what they’ve been selling for on ebay. The main hesitation I have of ordering off the Scout comics website is the uncertainty that these books will maintain there current value.


Another book that has been selling well is the new Source Points Comics title, Ogre #1. Ogre #1 has been selling for $10 to $12 on ebay.


A few media related announcements came out this week and here are the books you should be looking for.

This week it was announced that the villain in the upcoming Jared Leto Morbius film would be Loxias Crown. Several websites are reporting and making the connection to the Marvel Crown character, while it hasn’t been confirmed that Loxias Crown is the Spider-man villain with the former alias of Crown its very possible. Crown first appeared in Peter Parker Spider-Man #76. Crown later becomes known as Hunger in the Marvel universe. As a result of this news this book has been getting a lot of attention.


Another two books that have started to see a climb in value are Captain Marvel Volume 5 #16 and Captain Marvel #17. These two books features the first appearance and the first full appearance of Phyla-vell. Phyla-vell has been confirmed to be a new team member in the Donny Cates written Guardians of the Galaxy comic which has caused her first appearance to start to take off.


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