Week in Review: August 15

This week sees the release of a two Joshua Middleton covers and a marvel chase variant.

Aquaman #39 comes out this week and it has a cover B variant by Joshua Middleton. The cover features Mera – a character that is appearing in the new Aquaman film. This book has sold out at the distributor level, meaning comic book stores can’t order any more copies – and it has been selling for $12 to $20 in presale online. It is currently selling for closer to $12.


Batgirl #25 also features a Joshua Middleton cover B Variant . While This book hasn’t been selling over cover price it been receiving a lot of attention online. The previous two Batgirl Middleton covers sell very well on the secondary market with the cover B variants for Batgirl #23 selling for $40 to $50 and Batgirl #24 selling for around $13. This is a book to be looking for this week.


Another book that came out this week in Infinity War #2. Infinity War #2 features a secret unannounced variant cover. It is believed to have been sent out by marvel in a 1 in 10 ratio. The last time Marvel did this was for Avengers #682 – which features two different variations of Hawkeye on the cover. The chase version of that book still sells for $8 to $9. I would expect that would be the same situation with this new variant.


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