Yesterday Rick Remender tweeted that one of his comics was about to be announced as being in development as a film. Today news came out that the film would be based on the Radical Publishing, The Last Days of American Crime comic series. The Last Days of American Crime’s first issue came out in December of 2009. There is also an ashcan preview of The Last Days of American Crime that was sent to retailers in October of 2009 – making it the first appearance of the series.


Another comic that was optioned this week is Greg Rucka’s The Old Guard. The Old Guard is being developed as a film by Skydance Media. The Old Guard #1 has a few variants including three 25th Anniversary Image variants, an Emerald City Comic Con Variant limited to 500 and a one per store Gold Foil variant. Before issue #1 was released, The Old Guard was previewed inside of Image+1 magazine.

Another announcement that came out this week was that Locke and Key had been green lit by netflix as a full serialized series.

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