Hollywood Daze: Mark Millar / Netflix

Today Netflix announced there plans for the Millarworld universe. While there has been a lot of speculation on what Mark Millar properties Netflix would tackle first, they announced five projects based on Millar’s comics with one of the comics not being published yet. The four projects based on already published books are all books you should be looking for – but keep in mind that Mark Millar has a very large following, all of these books have very large print runs and all of these books were published after Millar was a very well known name in comics.

Empress – Netflix plans on making an Empress movie based on Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen‘s 2016 Image comic by the same name. This book has seven regular first print covers and none of them seem to be selling above cover, However, the 1 in 200 Empress #1 Stuart Immonen sketch variant will start to see a lot of attention.

Huck – Huck is also being developed by Netflix as a full length feature film. Huck #1 has two covers a regular cover and a movie poster homage cover B.

Jupiter’s Legacy – Jupiter’s Legacy is being developed as a Netflix TV series. Jupiter’s Legacy #1 has a 1 in 25 ratio variant which is one of the reasons it has such a high print run. The 1 in 25 variant would be the book to buy if you want to speculate on this series.

American Jesus – After a half of a dozen announcements involving American Jesus it seems this project will finally see the light of day as a television series. American Jesus is the oldest title in the Millerworld being developed, originally published by Dark Horse under the name Chosen in 2004. Chosen #1 has been selling for $8 to $10.


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