Week in Review: January 16

Here are a few books worth mentioning this week,

This week one book that has a few sales above $10 is the Call of the Suicide Forest #1. This book is the second volume of the Amigo Comics “Suicide Forest” series. There is really no reason for this book to be selling well given the first volume’s #1 issue has had two sales in the past two months both under $5. Prices will not stay at this level so this isn’t a book I would be holding on to.


Teether #1 is another indie press book that has been getting some attention on the secondary market. This book is published by Antartic Press and has has sold out at Diamond. There have been at least ten sales on ebay where copies of Teether #1 have sold above $10. There is also a limited to 300 retailer variant for this book.


An older book that has started heating up very recently is the Demon Annual #2. This book started picking up steam when Geoff Johns was asked about the character at a DC Comics panel in DC where he confirmed he was trying to bring Hitman into the DC Television universe. There has been no official announcement.  The first appearance of Hitman, Demon Annual #2 is currently selling for $25 to $30 in near mint condition. These prices are up from the $10 / 15 of last week.


Happy Speculating
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