Last January there were a lot of DC rumors posted as facts on Reddit by a user claiming they had seen the new Batman / Superman film. I spoke about it here. Some of the rumors proved to be true while others proved to be false. Batman / Superman was the jump off point for the Justice League film. Jason Mamoa did appear in the film as did the Flash in costume. Some things didn’t prove to be true like Lex Luther going bald due to kryptonite poisoning – but most of the claims on the Reddit post proved to be true.

This week a new post showed up on Reddit claiming to have “Future of the DC universe leak” filled with spoilers. While these claims really have no basis or proof there could be some truth to them, or they could just be smoke in the air. Either way, here are the parts of the leak that might hold the most credibility.

The Green Lantern Corps (to be released in 2020) is going to be based on the Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War story line from 2007. Guy Gardener, John Stewart, and Hal Jordan will be appearing in this film. Aside from the first appearances the books to be buying now are the first appearance of the Sinestro Corps War- Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 from August of 2007 Green Lantern Volume 4 #21 from September of 2007. Both of these are key books in the Sinestro Wars storyline.

The next tidbit to come out involves Deathstroke – which coincides with the clip from the new Batman film that Ben Affleck recently released online. There will not be a Deathstroke solo movie, however, he will be appearing in both the Batman and Justice League films as an antagonist to Batman. This has resulted in a bump of interest in the new 52 Deathstroke #1 1:25 Variant cover, the first appearance of Deathstroke – New Teen Titans #2 and the very undervalued New Teen Titans #10 (the second appearance of Deathstroke). While all three of these are selling well you can probably still find New Teen Titans #10 in the wild and at a good price.

All the points from the Reddit Future of the DC Universe leak can be found here.

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