Week in Review March 23


As promised here are two books to be looking for that came out this week:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #56 – Sold out at Diamond Comics distrubutor last week. IDW has already solicited a second print for this issue. Like all IDW Turtles there is a subscription variant and a 1:10 Variant cover, releasing three covers tomorrow. This book features the first appearance of Leatherhead – a new mutant in the TMNT universe. The length he’ll stick around for is questionable. The likelihood of the regular cover selling for $10 by next week is not likely. The 1:10 Variant cover is the cover to be throwing your money into.
As reported by Trey over at CBSI / Comic Book Invest , in this weeks issue of Batman (Batman #50), Duke Thomas is offered to become the new Robin. Subsequently, this has resulted in Duke Thomas’s first appearance, Batman #21 (new 52) to start to heat up. This book which sold for less than $10 last week is currently trending at $20 and is moving upwards – with the lower print second print and the 1:100 and convention variant cover also selling for a considerable amount of money. This is a book to be looking for at your local comic book store.
Screen shot 2016-03-23 at 2.45.12 AM
One more things to take note of are the speculation value of the first appearance of Gwenom – Guardians of the Unknown #1 Guillory Variant – which is currently selling for $40. Up from the $20 sales of yesterday and the $5 sales of last week. Will this book start to drop in value before the series comes out or continue to climb? Time can only tell. Not a book I’d be spending the big bucks on but a book I’d be looking for in the wild.

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