Word: Quick Flip Potential

Two books will come out this week with some great quick flip potential. These are not books to be holding on to!

This week Walking Dead #150 comes out with this milestone issue that is being advertised by the published Image, Skybound, as a new jump on point. This is great for new readers to the series. WIth that, Skybound has announced that they are sending every Diamond Account holder a special edition one-per retailer Walking Dead #150 variant cover.

The-Walking-Dead-150-variant-cover-600x922This book has been selling for $200 to $250 in presale – this shouldn’t be a rare book (there are approximately just over 3000 Diamond Account holders). This will be an in-demand book upon release. One to ask your Local Comic Book store about!

Another book to be looking for this week is Boom’s new series Power Rangers. This week sees the release of Power Rangers #0 from Boom with 7 covers – one being a 1:50 Variant (a Green Power Ranger) and one being a 1:100 (a White Power Ranger). This was discussed by Comics Heating Up and they wrote a great article on the current Value of these books.


The 1:50 Variant averaging $40 on ebay with the 1:100 cover selling above the $120 range.  These books should go up in value this week upon release when the scarcity of the actual variants is shown and the, “who would order more then 20 copies of a Power Ranger comic”, question is asked. Right now all covers can be ordered in a special comic pack on the Boom website for $100. (with free US shipping). This has great flip potential and is something you should be checking out! (UPDATE: THiS ITEM IS CURRENTLY SHOWING AS PENDING IN STOCK, WHICH IS WEIRD BECAUSE I CAN CONFIRM AT LEAST FOUR ORDERS THAT WENT THROUGH – THIS WILL HOPEFULLY UPDATE ON WEDNESDAY WHEN THE BOOK IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED)

Another book that is quickly heating up this week, with all reasonably priced copies flying off ebay, hot off Supergirl casting announcements is Titans / Young Justice: Graduation Day #1 – featuring the first appearance of Indigo. Laura Vandervoort – known for playing Supergirl on the Smallville TV Series was just cast as Indigo. Its not certain how prominant this character will be on the television series however based on the actor they chose to play her and her previous prestige playing Super girl – one can assume there is more to this character then a one episode appearance!

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 8.30.02 PM

Happy Speculating
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