Week in Review: November 6: Old News Round-Up

Two points of interest this week, Doctor Strange Speculation and Recalled Watch.

Recalled Watch: Avengers vs Infinity #1


News broke tuesday night on Bleedingcool that retailers were informed to destroy there copies of Avengers vs Infinity #1 and that they would be getting replacement copies. And Sure enough this proved to be true – the book is missing the last pages of the story ending abruptly – some retailers held copies back and some sold them – copies are selling on ebay anywhere from $10 to $15. This book could have legs down the road so its not that bad of a book to be looking for and picking up. However, considering it is a Marvel book the print run will be high and the variant covers are the ones to look for. The 1:25 Ron Lim cover being the only variant cover will be the long term winner.

1497031_xlDoctor Strange Speculation of Speculation 

Another piece of news to come out of comic land this week was the casting of Michael Stuhlbarg in the upcoming Doctor Strange film. His character has not been named officially however speculation grows that he is playing Doctor Nicodemus West. Largely based on the rerelease/reprinting of his first appearance, Doctor Strange the Oath #1, and being distributed this year as Marvel’s main Halloween Comic Festival title. The first prints are largely dollar books however there are a lot of $20 – $25+ sales of the black and white variant cover.



Happy Speculating
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