Word?! 451 Media – Book to watch for this week Self Storage #1

This was first talked about Investcomics.com – like last week’s out of nowhere Sunflower #1, 451 Media is dropping a new series, Self Storage #1, and its already before the book comes out copies of Self Storage #1 are selling above cover! With multiple sales on ebay in the $15 range and with most presale comic stores already selling out of the title, Self Storage #1 looks like its this weeks winner three days before release.


Another book selling above cover is the recent IDW Back to the Future #1 Cover A. This book is selling in the $8 range, which is weird considering the perceived high print run and the 35+ different retailer covers. This book might only be selling for this much because of the recent Back to the Future Day events, however, this book is currently a quick money maker.

Screen shot 2015-10-25 at 3.07.12 PM

Happy Speculating
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