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NYCC just ended and a lot of comic related news came out of the show, not a lot of speculation worthy news but a lot of comic related news. One thing that did peak my interest was the We Can Never Go Home #1 Hot Topic Variant cover. According to reports from the show the hot topic variants were printed and shipped to the Hot Topic Hipster distributor unit when it was noticed all the books had a printing error with the wrong price tag showing $5.99 instead of the intended $4.50. This forced Black Mask to go back to the printer and forced Hot Topic to return the original inventory. No Hot Topic Stores had this book on the shelves and the corrected version has since sold out on the Hot Topic site.

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There is no established number of how many copies of this book was printed however it is assumed Black Mask is holding onto the error editions as the only way you can get ahold of one is through Matthew Rosenberg – series creator and Black Mask Publisher – at a comic convention. There is also new news which means anyone that bought a copy online has the error version.
With average sale prices of $40 to $50 there are peak sales in the $80 range. This is a book to keep an eye on. (PS: This also means that Hot Topic stores will finally get actual copies of the corrected version, which are already selling in the $40 range on ebay) 

The Toe Tag BlackMask #1 Hot Topic Variant is available here, just not a lot of spec value.


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News that George R.R. Martin’s Avatar book Skin Trade was being developed by Cinemax came out of the last day of NYCC, with Cinemax ordering a completed script. This book from late 2013 is about werewolf’s and can still be found in many local comic book store back issue bins. Right now the book to look for are the Skin Trade #1 SDCC Variant Iconic Cover set, sold in 2014 at SDCC for $20 for the set and limited to 300 copies, these two books have asking prices upwards of $500 on ebay! They can still be found at the official Avatar store for $20 a set. Skin Trade #1 is one to be looking for.
The Iconic Covers are still available on the Avatar store website for $20 each! 

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Happy Speculating
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