Back issue Spotlight: Steam Wars

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With the release of the new Steam Wars Arc – Steam Wars: First Empire #1 this week its time to look back on the first volume. Steam wars is a Star Wars parody based in the steam punk world. Which yes, is just as stupid as it sounds. The first two issues of this series occasionally sell for double cover but the issues to look for are Steam Wars issue #3 and #4.

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these books have lower prints runs and have very low reported sales – however, with the new Star Wars craze because of Marvel’s new series will result in these books to selling even higher then they already do. Steam Wars #3 and #4 regularly sell for $20 to $25.

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the new series has potential but issue #1 from the first volume is the book to go for if you’re hold onto in hopes of speculating on the steam wars franchise. ALL issues of the first volume of Steam Wars can be ordered at the Antarctic Website at cover price – including issue #3 and #4 (at cover price!!!)

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