Hollywood Daze: Summer Round Up/ Part 1

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Here are the summer movie updates!

First off is the hot off the presses Latino Review rumours that the Spider-Man “Iron Spider” suit would be an important part of the Captain America Civil War film plot line, with the film already releasing posters featuring main marvel characters facing off it wouldn’t be that big of a surprise for Spider-Man to have an important role in the film. So the book to look for is the first appearance of the Iron Spider. Amazing Spider-Man #529 – first appearance of the Iron Spider Suit.

Fox has announced the continuation of the X-Files franchise with the new season starting in January 2016. This with the relaunch of the comic book series with IDW has brought an increased interest back to the original Topps Comics X-Files series. The X-Files #1 first print Topps publication has been selling for upwards of $30 to $50. For a book that constantly sold for $10 to $20 in high grade condition this is great news. There are still findable copies in the wild for cover. This book has a lot of potential to explode come the series relaunch in January.

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There has been a lot of casting news involving the CW and Agents of Shield TV-Shows. One more recent piece of news is the casting of the character Lash from the marvel universe into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Lash is a relativly newly developed character first being introduced in Inhuman #1 from 2014. Since this is a Marvel Now title with huge print runs the variants are the books to look for.

Another character meeting its TV-premier is Jesse Quick, being introduced in the Flash TV-Series new season. Jesse Quick previously Jesse Chambers first appears as Jesse Quick in Justice Society of America #1 – however her first appearance that has been largly ignored as Jesse Chambers the concept behind the character is Justice League Europe #34 – both of these books are ones to look for.

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Continued in another post! Where I will talk about Video Game Movies and the important comic counterparts as well as other TV Show Character castings!

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