Hollywood Daze: Punk Rock Jesus #1


Some very interesting news came out today via Comicbooksheatingup. It seems that Sean Gordon Murphy (The Wake, American Vampire) has been receiving interest from New Line Media Entertainment for optioning his creator owned Vertigo series Punk Rock Jesus. Hinting at this via twitter a few days ago.

Screen shot 2015-07-02 at 4.09.11 PM

Punk Rock Jesus is pretty much written for the screen – and was ignored by certain stores in the US based on its subject matter. This has resulted in sporadic reviews – however the idea for Punk Rock Jesus – A reality TV show starring a clone of Jesus Chris – is not only original but very evocative. This news has resulted in one or two sales of raw NM conditioned copies selling for $10 to $15 – with Fine conditioned copies flying off ebay at cover price.

Screen shot 2015-07-02 at 4.16.36 PM

Vertigo’s Punk Rock Jesus #1 is a book to be looking for.

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  • Comicsheatingup.net but thanks all the same Jimmy. I should have gotten more copies of this way back as I loved the book.

  • I think the following comic books have the best potential to be the next in-expensive comic opted for a tv show/movie based off of the amount of issues, the popularity, and the comic book ratings:

    The Fade Out
    Deadly Class
    East of West
    Manifest Destiny
    The Ghost Fleet

    • Let me guess: you have 10 #1 copies of each and need to flip them…..

      • Hey cool, Kyle’s an a-hole on both blogs. He comes here to cast aspersions on people, and forces his inability to comprehend two-step interpretation frame works on us vis-a-vi inflamitory cartoons on comicsheatingup. He’s like some kind’a rennisance troll!

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