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Hollywood Daze: Punk Rock Jesus #1

Some very interesting news came out today via Comicbooksheatingup. It seems that Sean Gordon Murphy (The Wake, American Vampire) has been receiving interest from New Line Media Entertainment for optioning his creator owned Vertigo series Punk Rock Jesus. Hinting at this via twitter a few days ago. Punk Rock Jesus is pretty much written for the screen – and was

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Word?!?! Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool

Last Night a few websites started reporting, including the hollywood reporter, have been reporting that Brianna Hildebrand has been cast in the new Deadpool film playing Ellie Phimister. Ellie Phimister chose the mutant name Negasonic Teenage Warhead and takes her powers from psychic abilities through visions in her dreams. This was a very unpredictable announcement, with the Weasel Tj. Miller casting being pretty

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