Bleedingcool Effect: Black Mask’s WCNGH #3

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 1.35.34 AMWe Can Never Go Home #3 published by Black Mask and sold out at Diamond is heating up. Why? Bleedingcool ran an article about this yesterday – DC / Marvel character costumes appear in the issue and Bleedingcool has speculated that DC and Marvel will not allow this book to be reprinted in this form. Which is probably true now that Bleedingcool has reported on it and everyone knows, otherwise it probably would have been a none-issue.

Screen shot 2015-06-11 at 3.58.14 PM
Anyways, Now this book is selling for $10 – $15 plus shipping and copies are disappearing. This book is still available at the Black Mask official website store for $3.99, but for how long? FOR HOW LONG?! This is a book you should be holding on to. 


Happy Speculating
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  • Interesting. I do believe there are other issues that show costumes of the “big 2” throughout comic history. Take Evil Ernie vs the Superhero’s #1. Who’s costume do you think you see there?
    Looks like Capt America/ shield on this left side. And no blowback from Marvel here.

    Still nice reporting though. Love your articles. I read you all the time.

  • In Batman #237 on page #2 Neal Adams drew a Halloween parade with those on the float wearing both Marvel and DC costumes. Maybe they let him get away with it because he was the most in demand artist at the time and worked with both companies…Also, Marvel and DC were very different companies back then. They are now owned by large conglamo companies that love to sue anyone who dares cross them. Will be interesting to see what happens.

    • I don’t think anyone would have cared about this at all if Bleedingcool didn’t write an article about it and say “OH NO, HOW CAN THEY DO THIS?!” – so its going to be very interesting to see if they’re able to get permissions for this or if any companies force the book to change.

  • Just went to score “We Can Never Go Home #3” – Sold out of paper,digital only @ Black Mask

    • You just earned yourself $3.99. I can’t think of any indy worth the effort other than WD. Your money will work harder for you in some nice key silvers.

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