Holly-Very-Weird: New Mutants Movie

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So What if #10 is already selling for $100 in raw NM condition and BleedingCool is even talking about it. But thats not the break-out news of the day. Today I read on Comicsheatingup that Fox has decided to spin a movie out of their X-Men Franchise based on The New Mutants. I thought it was a joke at first but can now confirm that Fox really is developing something based on the New Mutants, as confirmed by THR. This could be because of continued interest and the development within the Deadpool Film, also produced by Fox – so one can assume there will be easter eggs and the Deadpool movie will lead into the new FOX New Mutants film.

So what does that mean? There are two books you should be looking for that in the past 12 months have been slowing commanding a premium in high grade condition – selling for over Overstreet Guide prices. Now these two books are going to explode.

Marvel Graphic Novel V.1 #4 – (1982) – the first appearance of the New Mutants
Raw copies are selling for $60 – $100, which is more then double the $30 high this book had been getting before the recent FOX News. CGC 9.8 copies are selling for $350 with more then three selling on ebay today. This book is on fire.


The New Mutants #1 (1983) – The first on-going series.
This book has dollar bin written all over it. This book is trending up, and will have a LOT of moving room!


Thanks to Zack for the great intel! Check out his ebay! 

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