Word?!?! PussyCats #1?!

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So I’ve talked about this book before – Pussycats #0 – but #0 has been falling off the charts recently selling for under $5 with the last sale about $20 happening 10 days ago! There is still hope in this book. Issue #1 just came out and as reported by the publisher on social media most online retailers are sold out of copies. The books to look for are the Pussycats #1 Black and White Ashcans. Most of which have been signed by the actresses appearing in the book. The copies to look and hold onto would be unsigned copies, again this is the first appearance of this series.

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If issue #0 is an indicator of trends, Issue #1 is going to heat up and then cool over very quickly. So this book has lot of potential for a turn and burn!


Buy copies now, sell for $10, double your money.

Another book to look out for is Hiphop Family Tree #NN 2014 FCBD Edition – the first published edition of Hiphop Family Tree. More on WHY in a week or two.


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