Week in Review: April 30: FISTS OF IRON

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Everyone seems to be talking about DC New 52 Justice League #40 today – its the first appearance of Darkseid’s daughter, and will probably be worth something in the future just based on how DC is putting there movies and comic universe together. But in the next few months? Don’t expect to make any real money on that book, that is one you’re going to have to hold onto.

Aside from Batman not a lot going on, so I am doing a catch-up post this week with some stuff that should be considered old news. Now that the Daredevil television series has been given a second second and has had very high ratings all eyes are on the Marvel / Netflix next developing series. Recently there has been some Iron Fist- speculation that I havn’t discussed The Iron Fist. This series should mostly be based on the Matt Fraction / Ed Brubaker, The Immortal Iron Fist series. So as more information comes out about Iron Fists development those 27 Immortal Iron Fist Issues are are going to be become more and more important.

Here are two of those books you should be keeping an eye out for.

(Thanks Aaron Chua, for talking about this a year ago A YEAR AGO)


The Immortal Weapons are a group of six characters including the Iron-Fist that since being introduced in the Marvel Universe in 2007 (The Immortal Iron-Fist #8) have continued to appear in different Marvel Universe Books and storylines. Even if this team isn’t named or acknowledged in the TV-Series, banking on this “team” to have long term value is a no brainer.

An Easteregg on Screenrant and pointed out by CBI’s own Mark Hendrie, The Immortal Iron Fist #4, the first appearance of the Serprent King. This is also what I believe to be the first cover to feature the Iron-Fist Logo so prevelent in the Daredevil Series.

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 9.11.32 PM

Soon: Female Transformers? I have to remember who told me about that…
am also looking for contributors to review Super-Hero Related Movies for me. if you’re interested e-mail Hiphopfcomics@gmail.com with the subject line – I REVIEW MOVIES

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Thanks for your corrections in the comments Brian! 🙂 



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