Holly-weird : Preacher Speculation

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First and foremost, big shout-out to Simon Payne. Check out his Speculation from the UK article on Comicbookinvest.com! 

It was announced on Sunday that Elizabeth Perkins would be playing Vyla Quincannon a meat factor owner. A Character name that does not appear in the Preacher comic book. However the last name is familiar.

Simon Payne was quick to point out that the character description for her character is very similar to that of Odin Quincannon – the owner of a meat processing plant.


The Quincannon name first appears in Preacher #42 a book where all the ebay buy it nows below $10 have dried up in the past day or two, with a single CGC 9.8 selling ofr $60 after multiple relistings. This book has a lot of potential and is one you should be looking for now, before more news comes out about the TV-Show.
Happy Speculating
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