Word?!? Rock and Roll Comics: Slayer #1

I didn’t see this discussed elsewhere so if someone did, please point it out to me.

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This week wasn’t just a Run the Jewels, rap-tastic comic book week because Rock and Roll Comics are back. Started in the 90’s, Revolutionary Comics (running from 1989 to 1994) was a company was making unauthorized comic books with the Rock and Roll Comics header, when it was sued by many artists resulting in a bankrupcy and the publisher closing its doors in 1994. The publishing company was revised by Blue Water publishing which has also gone out of business as a result of debt and unauthorized use of characters. (Diamond will not solicit there books because of an outstanding debt).


Now it appears a new company, Acme Ink Publishing has taken on the challenge of publishing Rock and Roll Comics AND have gone to the trouble of getting permission from the artists. This week sees the release of their first title, Rock and Roll Comics: Slayer #1. This book was not ordered by a lot of shops and it was ordered in very low numbers. All ebay buy it now auctions at cover have disappeared and there are two completed sales of $10 and $15. This is a book to look for.


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