Week in Review: April 8


I havn’t posted in a while – mainly because I havn’t had anything to write about.
This week sees the second issue of Descender hitting stands, the first title in the image floor display program without a specified cover. Descender #2 is the first image title offered in this program, which gives retailers books they can return after a specified amount of time.


Two books to look for this week are the Run the Jewels Variant set. Run the Jewels is a hip-hop duo with a free to download self titled album. This group is very popular with hipster art kids – they’re featured in Pitchfork Magazine a lot.

The Run the Jewels set are two 1:50 Ratio variants for Howard the Duck #2 and Deadpool #45. These books have been steadily selling for $100+, up from the $50 and $75 sales of a few days ago. These books seem to be getting ridiculously hot and this week if you see them you should pick them up.

In hollywood news, it was announced today that Ajax would be played by Ed Skrein in the upcoming R Rated Deadpool film. There were rumblings about this character appearing in the Deadpool film a few weeks ago which resulted in most of the reasonably priced first appearances to disappear from online marketplaces, however, the first appearance of Ajax is still VERY readily available in the wild for under $10.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 1.22.50 AMThere are two Ajax characters in the Marvel Universe. One a giant Greek Strongman first appearing in Hulk #379, and a former Weapon X doctor bodyguard that first appears in Deadpool #14 (1997 – first series).
The character that will appear in the film is the Ajax character from Deadpool #14 (1997) – this book has been selling anywhere from $10 – $30 in the past two days.
This is a book to look for.


Happy Speculating
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