Hollywood Daze: Iron Man’s Armour in Age of Ultron

First and foremost lets give a big shout out to Topher at the Sequential Art Report for helping point this book out to me! 

There are a lot of different aspects to the Age of Ultron Avengers film. There has been a lot of discussion regarding the Ironman Hulkbuster suit – first appearing in Ironman #304. This book has spiked up in price in the past few months selling for about $20 – $40.

Another Ironman armour that will appear in the upcoming film is the Bleeding-Edge Iron Man Armour. This armour was created by Matt Fraction during his Invincible Iron Man run. The Bleeding-Edge Armour suit is always inside of Tony Stark and he can command it to appear – this is because he needs his armour to live to run the repulsor technology running his heart.


This armour ALREADY has Hot Toy and adult collector action figures, however, the Disney Store now has an exclusive Marvel Legends figure featuring the armour.


SO what does this mean? Making action figures with this armour and distinguishing it as a special suit shows that the Bleeding Armour Iron Man is in the Marvel Universe to stay. A good book to be looking for and buying now would be that costume’s first appearance – Largely undervalued – and findable for under $4 – The Invincible Iron Man #25. This book also features the first appearance of Detroit Steel – a villain that based on its backstory will appear again in Iron Man story lines.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

This book had two standard covers and several variants including Robert Downey Jr. Movie variants – and once people realize its significance has only one place to go. Up.

Happy Speculating
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  • Started picking these up a few weeks ago and have been able to find the standard cover, RDJ movie cover, 2nd print variant and regular variant all under $4 each.

  • I feel like the Extremis storyline is perhaps the second most important storyline in Iron Man’s history after his “origin”. In that story he changes from a “hero” to a “superhero” by injecting himself with the virus. I have been stockpiling issues 3 and 4 of that series for years waiting for others to realize its importance.

  • Dan, what particular series are you referring to for issues 3,4?

  • The Warrem Ellis / Adi Granov series. Volume 4. 👍

  • Issue 3 he has been beaten to a pulp by the guy injected with extremist so he stabilizes the last dose and injects himself and goes into a coma. In issue 4 he comes out of the coma and mentally controls the armor…its a part of him now.

  • Just picked up 10 copies of 2nd cover you ares showing on right and 3 copies of the 1;25 foil variant for .99 each..total with shipping 20.00…cannot beat that !!

  • CORRECTION: it was issues 4 and 5. Got home this morning and double checked. Sorry was going off of memory.

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