WORD?!?! Beware of the The Cat #1 (1972)

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Heres a book that couldn’t break the $20 barrier a few months ago. The Cat #1, 1972 – Featuring the first appearance of Tigra (AKA The Cat, Greer Giant). Listed in the Overstreet price Guide as NM $50 – this book has seen very little interest over the last few years which has resulted in very bargain prices. However, this book is now is selling online in almost any condition.

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With marvel trying out all of these new female characters, its only a matter a time before strong female characters like The Tigra start showing up in the current Marvel Now Universe.

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There is also a error version of this book that I think is very worth the time to look for. I havn’t been able to find much information on how many copies resulted in this, however, it appears that at the end of the print run the last sheet of ink wasn’t applied on serval copies of the Beware the Cat #1’s from 1972. Usually the publishing house destroys these kinds of copies however many of these error copies have surfaced on the open market. CGC grades them with no indication of the error or grade deduction.

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Both of these books have no where to go but up.

Whats next? Night Nurse?! (Night Nurse also has a lot of potential, but more on that later.)

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