Do yourself a Favour Preorder: Wytches Variant

UPDATE: Looks like Forbidden Planet sold out of the book – Congrats to those who got one and good luck next time to those who didn’t 

There certainly seem to be a lot of Variant covers for Wytches – and so far all of them have been performing very well on the secondary market. So far there have been two announced for issue #3 (Rob Guillory Eh! Variant and Third Eye part 2 Variant) and one for #4 – how will these perform on the secondary market? Right now Issue #2 Phantom Variant Colour is selling for $12.99 – while the Black and white is hovering around $25 – prices in the last week and after a tremendous pre-sale have fallen considerably. So keep that in mind when speculating on this title.

This is so far my favourite Wytches Cover, The Wytches #2 Thought Bubble cover by Jeff Lemire – Right now its selling for around $50 to $75 with some peak sales over $100 in the past day or two.
Right now you can order this book from Forbidden Planet for 14.99 Pounds at one per person. Will they go through with the orders? What condition will the books be in when they arrive? I don’t know, this does seem risky – but I still ordered one.

Happy Speculating

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