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Recalled Comics Watch: Wytches #4 Eh Variant

The 1,000 print run of the Wytches #4 Eh! Variant had to be destroyed after a print error resulted in the cover dressing stating issue Wytches issue #3. Before the 1,000 print run was shelfed and order to be destroyed, 69 copies sold. All copies are most likely somewhere in Canada. If this book takes off has it has been,

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Do yourself a Favour Preorder: Wytches Variant

UPDATE: Looks like Forbidden Planet sold out of the book – Congrats to those who got one and good luck next time to those who didn’t  There certainly seem to be a lot of Variant covers for Wytches – and so far all of them have been performing very well on the secondary market. So far there have been two

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Image Display Variant: Wytches

Larry from Larrys comics keeps talking about these Image Display Variants – he’s told me a little bit about them but obviously I’m daft. This book comes out today and is sure to have a minimal print run – Wytches #2 Logo Variant – like Tooth and Claw’s Logo Variant – the book is already selling for $10 Honourable Mentions:

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