Turn Down for What?!?! Face Value Comics

I’m not sure whats going on with this book. I don’t like the art and I am not the biggest fan of gimmick comics if they’re not funny. So Face Value Comics wasn’t really only radar. This book has been selling for $30 to $50 plus and was released last week. This is largely a result of a low print run, over speculation, and tv-news segments spotlighting the series for its subject matter.
This book has quick flip potential all over it.
 SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Now sells for $15. wa wa


 SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Now sells for $15. wa wa Modern Comic flipping game
Odds and Ends

There is a lot of speculation surrounding Mockingbird, because she’s an agent of shield and its TV speculation. Marvel Team up #95 was the go to book for the last few weeks in this arena however, Astonishing Tales #6, the first appearance of Barbara Morse, the character who later becomes Mockingbird is also creeping up in value. Hitting $20+ on ebay.


A dollar bin find that should be a good pick down the road, Machine Man 19 (1981) – first appearance of Jack-O-Lantern the Spider-Man villain who later becomes Hobgoblin.


Happy Speculating
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One comment

  • As a capitalist myself, I can’t fault anyone for wanting to flip a best-selling comic book for profit. Regarding content, I cannot expect everyone to understand the reasons why we created a hero with autism. Prices dropped when we offered direct order sales, especially after seeing online bids hit $100+

    However, regarding comments about this book being a “gimmick,” I can simply point to a recent article and positive review written about our educational, scientific, and therapeutic value in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. They see value beyond the dollars chased, and so do our fans.

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