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Variety came out with shocking news today. Rat Queens is being developed into a animated television feature. Will it be a full-length film, will it be a serialized tv-show? The article wasn’t really all that specific, or I didn’t read it close enough. Either way, Rat Queens is probably going to be a $10 book in a month or two (or maybe sooner) but a lot of people have copies of this book. Based on the “success” of Peter Panzerfaust, many people jumped onto the ‘new on-going series by the same writer’ band-wagon assuming this series would have the same fait as Panzerfaust.


If you’re going to speculate on Rat Queens you should be buying the Fiona Staples variant cover, which can still be found in some instances for under $20 for near mint copies.

This is also good news for the writer of both Rat Queens and Peter Panzerfaust, Kurtis J Wiebe – as this is just another point that cements him in the comic book industry for a few more years which means it might be good to speculate on his earlier titles.

Two books you should be looking for are Snow Angel self published by Wiebe and Jenkins or the collected Snow Angel Arcana trade paperback. So far only one copy has turned up at CGC, which means there are copies out there. There are no previous sales on ebay and only the trade paperback can be acquired through online sources.

This is a book to look out for – Especially in the Vancouver area – the only copy I can find a picture of is this graded one on ebay. I am not suggesting you buy it, just using it for reference.


Happy Speculating

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– Jason Howards Dead@17
– Who is Kristov in the DC Animated Universe? Why does batman want to protect him? Will I actually talk about this?

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