This Weeks Prospects, June 8, 2014

Scalped + Rai #2 Recalled

This week has been weird. Nothing really new on speculative picks, but two books that I have been watching and reading about are Scalped and Rai’s recalled issue. Rai #2 recalled recently sold for $75 at auction. Now there are a hand fun of completed Buy it nows on ebay for $75 with a few $25 – $50 sales. This seems to be the book of the month.

I posted a few weeks ago about Scalped #43 being the first appearance of Earl a character in Southern Bastards. I was wrong.
Scalped #43 is the first time Jason Aaron and artist Jason Latour worked together on a project, which is what started the idea of them working together on an on-going title.

The character shown in Scalped #43 first appears in Scalped #16. The character dies later in the book, however, this is obviously a prototype of Earl (explaining the resemblence) that Jason Aaron based the character on. If you believe in Southern Bastards, Scalped #16 is the book to pick up.

Image                300px-Scalped_Vol_1_16



Honourable Mentions,

Doom Patrol 42 – EDIT: Origin of Flex Mentallo (thanks Tom in the Comments – Doom Patrol #35 is regarded as the first appearance of Flex Mentallo – expect an update on that soon)

No one is talking about this book but its an easy $1 – 3 find and it sells for $10 – $15 on ebay.


The Strain #1 and #2 first prints just keep going up in value. Now that the TV show is coming in a matter of weeks, now is the time to sell. (I found three near mint #1’s recently for $1 each. They are still out there!)



Happy Speculating!


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