O’Really Factor: Walking Dead 127

Everybody’s talking about it. Yay! Another Walking Dead “key”.

ImageWalking Dead 127 is selling for twice cover. It comes out today, is sold out at diamond (so retailers can’t order more), and has potential for two reasons.
This book introduces new characters and a new story line – The book takes place in the future of the current or modern Walking Dead story line.
This book features a preview of Robert Kirkman’s new book Outcast. Remember when Thief of Thieves blew up? I’d expect that with Outcast #1.


Speaking of preview books blowing up. Ghosted #9 has also sold out at diamond and has been demanding around $10 on the secondary market. Why? It features the preview of Nailbiter #1 – a $7+ book in itself at the moment. (not bad for a book that came out last week!)


I don’t know how Netflix or xbox one makes tv-shows and how they will be available to the public. With that in mind, there has been some talk of Chuck Dixon’s Winter World as late, published by Eclipse. This book is being adapted into a tv-show for X-Box One streaming. I don’t know what that means, but IDW is republishing the book.


Other Notes:

IZombie #1 – this book just keeps going up. Completed 9.6 SS sales in the $170’s, raw sales above $40. This is the book right now.

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