This Weeks Prospects, May 7, 2014

A pretty big book comes out today that I think you should pick up, its a variant and has a very limited print run.
This week Image and Diamond have sent pamphlets to retailers who increased there Satellite Sam #8 orders. Its called the Satellite Sam: Tijuana Bible (with art and story by Chaykin and Fraction).


There are three reasons you should buy this:
1. Howard Chaykin fans love when he draws nudity
2. This pamphlet is banned by Diamond UK
3. This item is being allocated by Diamond, meaning they didn’t print enough to meet retailers orders.

This book is going to be sought after, right now Midtown has them on sale for $25, see if you can find it, put it on ebay for $50, see what happens.



Image-There is a lot of talk going on about Haunted #1 being turned into something by Bryan Singer. Its weird. This book came out last week. See if you can find it, ebay listings are anywhere from $8 – $15.



-Epic #1 published by Comix Tribe this week has a very low print run and comes out this week. It also has a FCBD #0 that seems to be fetching $5+.

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