This Weeks Prospects, April 29, 2014


ASM #1 Volume 3 comes out tomorrow. The variants have some really stupid fluctuating prices at the moment. I would advice everyone to avoid them unless you get them at cover. Southern Basters #1, The New Jason Aaron on-going series also comes out this week, its a much better buy and has way more potential of making you money than spider-man’s new reboot. (This is projected to be his new Scalped Project)


It was announced this week that 100 Bullets is being made into a tv-show. 100 Bullets #1 has always been a good buy, easily found for under $20, sells for $50+ in near mint condition, but now its going to be a $100+ book (not unlike what happened with Scalped #1 last week) – again, this is a good book to buy.

ImageIt seems the Preacher keys never end – Preacher #51 is now a $30 + book because it has the first appearance of 100 Bullets. Stupid? Yes. Easily found at cover at most Local Comic Book stores? You tell me.

There has been renewed interest in Volume 2 of Starman. Its a great series and a great character. The first appearance is Jack Knight, who appears in Zero Hour #0. However, Jack Knight becomes Starman in Volume 2 Issue #0 of Starman. Easily found in the dollar or three dollar bin – selling from $6 – $10 online. This book has a lot of potential to be the next Booster Gold #1 (lol)

Starman Volume 2 #0 is my mysterious pick of the week

Miscellaneous updates:

– The prices of Chew #1 are just going up. Now is a great time to buy. The TV-show has been announced and you can easily get this book for under $600. It sounds expensive now, but when the tv-show comes out it could exponentially grow. Again, Now is the time to buy.

– Prices of Ms.Marvel #1 are still getting really stupid right now. Its a good time to pick up Spider-Woman #1 and She-Hulk #1s – all which can be obtained for $5 in Near Mint condition.


  • What is the ceiling on Chew #1 the series is animated right? So we are not talking walking dead #1. Also how do you feel about the second and third printings of Chew 1?

    • I would stick with Chew #1 First print and Larrys Cover. But Larrys cover not so much. I just sold a CGC 9.4 for $350. Which is what a #1 use to sell for. And there is a large difference in price between signed and unsigned graded copys when in the 9.6 or 9.8 – so keep that in mind. Its a better idea to buy blue label with the idea of getting it signed and CGC signature series than to pay the premium of signature series.
      But thats just my opinion.

      • Thanks for the response. Been telling my wife for years why isn’t there sombody doing a Mad Money comic tv show then I found this blog. I had my LCS pick up Chew 1 for 60 way back when I first heard the initial run was like 2500 when it hit 150 I sold it now I’m kicking myself but hey could have been 10 grand or War heroes.

      • I really enjoyed War Heros as a read and I think it didn’t pick up because Mark Millar is an asshole. He makes people like me frustrated because he never finishes storys! Ten Grand I think was doomed because of the multiple covers on the date of release, where as, Chew only had one #1 cover, and the Larrys variant while a second print, is still very sought after.

        Thanks for the Blog feedback BTW – 🙂

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