Word?!: Sonic The Hedgehog #259 RECALLED

I’m trying to figure out why this book was recalled but I can’t figure it out. I was able to find copies but I just don’t get it. 
There is an earlier cover with a different train on it, but this book was released digitally around December, so it shouldn’t be a content issue, and only the Cover B Variant is recalled by Diamond. Its weird.

Not a lot of people know about this yet but all the cover priced Buy It nows on ebay are starting to dry up. 

ImageSonic The Hedgehog #259 Variant Cover – Recalled April 23, 2014 – This book has potential 


  • so,is there a misprint,or it just the cover

    • apparently its just an Add the appears on the subscription cover (Variant) issue, that advertises a book for mature readers.
      I havn’t been able to confirm this or see two copies side by side, but when I do I’ll post pictures.

      • Sorry, but I just recieved the issue and went through it myself, there is no advertisement for mature readers anywhere in the variant issue.

      • The publisher recalled all subscription variants and havn’t sent out reissues yet.
        So if you have a copy and its the subscription variant, its the recalled copy.

      • Any more info on this? I got a variant from 2 weeks ago, and flipped through the pages side by side with the regular version.. and they are the same..

  • Mile High Comics still has some listed for sale on their website at $3.99. Not sure if they will get pulled and sent out but it’s better than $10+ on eBay.

  • i still cant find anything on the reason why it was recalled,by the way most comic shop owners are still just going to sell them anyways instead of destroying the comic.until we “SEE” the reason why they were recalled,it still remains a mystery. got 7 copies the first day you broke the news,wondering now if it was a wise decision to pick up that many copy’s.hopefully something will pop up soon

    • I should have an update on this very soon. But Diamond did send out a letter of recall, so as long as you have recalled copies, you can make at least $10 on each issue if they’re in Near Mint condition.

      Thanks for commenting on my site! 🙂

  • No news yet?

  • found the recall. unfortunately, i dont think there are physical copies. i looked on google images, ebay, amazon, etc. this is what the recalled comic looks like. its not a mature ad, just a recalled cover for whatever reason. http://www.atomicempire.com/issue.aspx?item=92299

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