This weeks Prospects: Scalping Scalped #1


Scalped #1 has been optioned for a tv-show by the WGN network. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, Scalped is a great series and CGC Graded Signature series 9.8 copies averaged $100 – $150 for the last year.
In the past week Scalped #1 has been averaging $90 – $110. Thats a four fold jump for what #1s were averaging only four months ago. Its insane. This book is still easily found in the wild underpriced. As of right now, This book has a lot of potential to grow.

I talked about this in my last post but I want to add some more points. Invincible #110. Every blog /website about modern comics has given an opinion on this issue, where heres what they’re not telling you;


Invincible #44 is the first appearance of Anissa, the rapist in question in issue #110. Three weeks ago this book sold for cover, maybe. Now, on ebay, this book averages around $10.
Currently Invincible #110 is averaging $20 – $30. While Invincible #110 goes down, Invincible #44 goes up. It seems like a good pick up.


I’ve had the same Kick-Ass #1-6 set on ebay for almost five months. They’re all Near Mint and first prints. Thats why this next piece is questionable. An auction for Superior #1 ended today at $16. It seems like nothing, but this is huge. The creator of Superior and Kick-Ass, Mark Millar made it very clear after the first Kick-Ass film that all of his books were to be adapted into film, and he would arrange for all of this before most of the books were even released.

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 1.29.15 AM

While it looks like he’s moving forward on Superior because when you do a completed listing search on ebay you see sets have been trending upwards. Superior #1 and many of the series additional issues can be found easily for under cover. Many stores couldn’t sell this book for the last year! Now is the time to look for it!


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