This weeks prospects: Movie Time

I don’t understand the Netflix / Marvel tv-show deal. Its listed as five tv-shows one being a mini-series and the others being character development shows surrounding Luke Cage, Jessica Jones (alias), Iron Fist and some others. Its the Marvel Knights imprint idea but towards TV-show. There isn’t a lot of clear thought about how it will develop past season one but I’m fairly confident its going to lead to one thing. 

A Heros for Hire Team-up TV-Show. If its five separate tv-shows they’ll eventually link as almost all of these characters can fit into a nice little package. A nice little package that is, The Marvel Heroes for hire.

Which leads me to our first prospect pick, Power Man #54 first appearance of Heroes for Hire. A Solid Near Mint copy can be scored for under $30. This book has a lot of potential if the TV-Shows get made. 

ImageAnother book that sees a lot of movement on ebay in the under $10 category is Incredible Hulk #448. Easy to find for under $10 in an Incredible Hulk bin, This book is the first appearance of Marvel’s Thunderbolts and it has had peek sales of $25 and $45 respectivly when listed on ebay with “First appearance of Thunderbolts” and “Near Mint condition” in the title. The Thunderbolts see a lot of action with Marvel’s monthly series and this book has a lot of potential both short and long term. 


A book that just showed up on my radar from a Google Plus Comic book speculation group is Inhumans Volume 1 #11. This book has a lot of potential, First appearance of Korath Pursuer, who will appear in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. 


While watching Ink Master on Spike I saw something unexpected. Warpath is going to be a major character in the new X-Men First Class sequel, which means now is the time to be picking up his first appearance, New Mutants Volume 1 #16



Flash TV Show

Why Powers #1 and Hack and Slash Volume 1 #1 are better than picking up full runs. 

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