Buy It: Green Lantern #28 New 52

I don’t usually follow DC or Marvel that closely because they’re new releases rarely get hot out the gate – Most main on-going DC titles sell for above cover in the convention setting a few months after release – online not so much, so I apologize for my delay in pointing this book out. 

Green Lantern #28 NEW 52


This book sold out at Diamond and DC announced a second print. First prints are selling for about $10, with a premium being asked for the digital code polibagged edition. This book is popular because it is the first appearance of Supergirl as a Red Lantern. This book has short term flip potential, however, I have to point out Green Lantern Annual #1 from the new 52, which sold very well out the gate, having some sales for raws hitting $40. Now CGC 9.8 SS copies go for twice that, while raw copies get maybe $10 – $12. 


Another thing to keep in consideration is Batman the Darkest Knight – an elseworlds prestige format book which shows the first appearance of Batman as a Green Lantern which is a character used in Official DC video games and toys. Which has made this book very popular, will the same happen for the “Red Daughter”? 




Well Maybe, if you didn’t reset every title every six months retailers would feel confident ordering your stuff! Plus Deadpool is jealous of the Punisher because he’s having sex with Elektra? What the eff is that Marvel? Marvel sucks. 

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